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Zest’s artwork originated in very figurative and realistic pieces, embedded with universal Graffiti codes incorporating a scene in which part of his talent finds its roots. Today his style has evolved to surpass existing codes and bring to the surfaces he creates, a universe that goes beyond previous limitations. Through experimentation and research, Zest has developed an internationally respected personal identity and signature which marries Cubism and Street Art. His canvases are a way of transmitting the accumulation of what he was exposed to when he was an active participant in the world of Graffiti. The vibrant colors chosen are symbolic of urban art’s ability to quickly seize the spectators attention prior to the observer adding their opinion of like or dislike. The superposition of forms identify the collection of energy and movement. The “fat cap”, a tool used in graffiti to create a wide stroke when using an aerosol spray can, is illustrated through the universal blue Ral, in particular ultramarine blue. By combining the different energies found in the discipline of Graffiti, Zest has found of way translating them and creating a universal language that speaks to the community at large.

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